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Dear friends,

Some people view the pandemic as an interruption.  Others view it as a disruption.

I heard this thought recently during a professional development seminar, and it resonated deeply within me.  The speaker put into words the dichotomy I’ve been experiencing among friends, congregants, colleagues, community members, etc. over the last few months.

An interruption implies that COVID-19 has caused a temporary break in our normal activities, with temporary being the operative word.  It’s like hitting “pause” for a period of time, but eventually we’ll hit “play” once a vaccine is available and effective.  A disruption implies that COVID-19 has caused a permanent break in our normal activities, and life will never be the same.  We will not go back to the “normal” we once knew.  Instead, our world will never be the same, and we must pivot with the rapid changes or be left behind.

I’m in the “COVID-19 is a disruption” camp.  I’m seeing too many things change and evolve at a rate that’s unprecedented, and I don’t think we can return to the world we knew pre-pandemic, nor do I think that should be our goal.  We have an opportunity to join in the efforts to make our world a more just, peaceful, and loving place.  We just have to be flexible, open, and willing to make the changes.  I’m not saying the road ahead is going to be easy.  But I do think it’s worth the time and energy it will take to achieve this desired outcome.

In our new worship series beginning this Sunday, September 27, we’ll explore the disruptions in our lives, the nostalgia we’re feeling as we long for what once was, and the ways in which God is present with us in the midst of the challenges we’re all facing.  I hope you’ll join me on this journey.


Rev. Malinda Weaver


We have two opportunities for worship this weekend … Worship on the Lawn & Online Worship.

Worship on the Lawn happens on Sunday morning at 9:00am.  Bring your lawn chair or blanket, and wear a mask.  Also, please click here to RSVP so we can plan for you to ensure we’re all safely distanced in squares on the lawn.

You can Worship Online with us beginning at 11:00am Sunday morning or anytime after that.  To worship via our YouTube channel, click here.  To worship via our Facebook page, click here.

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