Avondale Samaritan Place is a joint vision of Avondale and Canterbury United Methodist Churches for outreach and mission in the Avondale Community.  A little over five years ago our two churches formed Avondale Samaritan Place to be a “Community Hub for Christian Service.”  Housed in the Avondale UMC gymnasium building, ASP brings together people from Avondale, Canterbury, and the surrounding community to facilitate the sort of connections between neighbors (businesses included!) that improve everyone's lives.

The work of ASP focuses particularly on helping people who are on the margins. We provide home repair work for those who can't afford it; we provide social workers and healthcare support; and we provide food assistance to food-insecure individuals and families in our area. As our community continues to grow, be revitalized, and transform, we see our work through ASP as a key to helping everyone in Avondale experience the love of Christ.

For more information ... email us at info@avonumc.net ... or call 205.868.3345.

Avondale Food Cooperatives

Providing groceries and hospitality for food-insecure individuals in the Avondale community.   The individuals and families that we serve take home food that ASP purchases for cents on the dollar from the Food Bank. They take home fresh meat, vegetables, and canned and dry goods.  In 2018, it costs just $175 to feed a family for an entire year.

Beeson Senior Services

Helping seniors access services and sustain quality of life.  The program works with clients to help identify needs -financial, social, medical, transportation, etc – and to link them with community resources to help resolve these needs.

Carpenter's Hands

Providing home repair assistance for our low-income Avondale neighbors.

Connecting Partners

Providing lodging for mission teams, space for meetings, and other means of collaboration.