Avondale Samaritan Place is a joint vision of Avondale and Canterbury United Methodist Churches for outreach and mission in the Avondale Community.  Our two churches formed Avondale Samaritan Place in 2013 to be a “Community Hub for Christian Service.”  Housed in the Avondale UMC gymnasium building, ASP brings together people from Avondale, Canterbury, and the surrounding community to facilitate the sort of connections between neighbors (businesses included!) that improve everyone's lives.

The work of ASP focuses particularly on helping people who are on the margins.  ASP offers ... food assistance to food-insecure individuals and families in the area ... social workers who help with healthcare support and utility assistance ... home repair and yard maintenance for those who are unable to do the work themselves ... after school activities ... care and support for the homeless in our neighborhood ... job creation for those whom we serve.  As the community continues to grow, be revitalized, and transform, ASP’s work is essential in helping everyone in Avondale to experience the love of God in Christ and to understand that all are welcome at God’s table.

For more information ... email mike@avonumc.net ... or call 205.868.3345.

  • Jeff Bowman
  • Javonia Darling
  • Mike Higginbotham
Avondale Food Cooperatives

We provide groceries and hospitality for food-insecure individuals in the Avondale community.   The individuals and families that we serve take home food that ASP purchases for cents on the dollar from the Food Bank. They take home fresh meat, vegetables, and canned and dry goods.  In 2020, it costs just $175 to feed a family for an entire year.

Feeding School Families

We've partnered with the Avondale Elementary School PTA to provide non-perishable groceries to families from the school who need extra support as a result of the pandemic.  Each week, we have folks deliver groceries to families' doorsteps while adhering to COVID-safe precautions.  If you'd like to volunteer, click here.

Crisis Clinic

Our social workers provide support and assistance to people in crisis from our community each Thursday from 1pm-5pm.  Some are low-income individuals/families and some have no home. Our social workers offer this program in partnership with UAB Nursing Students who are able to help people who have minor medical needs.

Beeson Senior Services

We help seniors access services and sustain quality of life.  The program works with clients to help identify needs -financial, social, medical, transportation, etc – and to link them with community resources to help resolve these needs.

After School Programs #1

We offer a couple of options after school for Avondale Elementary School students with the help of community partnerships.  MOVE IT engages students physically through movement and play. This program is led by the teachers and students of the UAB Kinesiology Department and is open and free to all Avondale Elementary School students.

After School Programs #2

Our partnership with STAIR of Birmingham is for 2nd grade students. This program offers one on one tutoring in reading. Each student in the program comes two days per week after school and is paired with 1-2 adults for the school year.  This model builds rapport and a trusting relationship as these adults help their students to become stronger readers.  To volunteer as a tutor or to sign up your child, click here.

Homeless Lunch

We offer a free meal and conversation to our friends in the community who struggle to maintain safe, affordable housing.  During these afternoons, our social workers also seek to help these folks develop a plan for improving their circumstances.  The lunches are every Wednesday beginning at 1:30pm.

Christmas Village

Each December, the halls of the ASP gym are decked to become a Christmas Village where low-income parents can come shop for Christmas gifts for their children.  We offer brand new toys at greatly reduced prices thanks to the generosity of our church family and larger community.  The Christmas Village gives parents the opportunity to actually pick out the gifts for their children rather than being given gifts chosen by others for their children.  It also offers them pride and dignity as they’re able to pay a little bit for the gifts they give their children.  In addition, the Christmas Village creates job opportunities as it is staffed by folks from our community.

Carpenter's Hands

We provide home repair assistance for our low-income Avondale neighbors.