We’re excited you’ve decided to visit our website

and explore what it means to be a part of the body of Christ and this congregation of the United Methodist Church. Whether you are new to Avondale, new to Birmingham, or new to Christianity, this section of our site is your first step.

Avondale UMC is a community of faith passionate about deepening connections with God, with each other, and with our neighbors. When you visit Avondale, you’ll soon see that these connections help us to be a distinctive community.

We strive to provide an atmosphere in which people of all faith backgrounds can feel welcome and at ease, but also one in which all are able to experience Christ’s love and the majesty of God in new and exciting ways.

People come to worship in a variety of clothing styles. Some worshipers choose to wear more formal clothing; others come in jeans and t-shirts. There is no “correct” type of clothing. You are encouraged to come in clothing that you find comfortable and appropriate.

Our worship service features many of the traditional elements that have been a part of Methodist worship for over 300 years. However, we recognize that our guests may be unfamiliar with the traditional prayers, hymns, and other practices of worship, so we make sure to provide a printed worship bulletin with everything you need to participate in worship.

Our worship music is accompanied by a pipe organ, with hymns and chorus taken from the United Methodist Hymnal, which contains selections from diverse cultures and from across generations. We strive to connect the hymns and songs we sing with the worship focus for each Sunday, so that worshippers are able to experience deep emotional and spiritual connections through all aspects of the service.

We believe that church should be meaningful for everyone and help all people connect more deeply with God, each other, and their community. Sermons focus on helping worshipers forge these connections by developing new understandings of the Bible, themselves, and the ways God is working in the world.

Children of any age are welcome and encouraged to participate in worship! There is a nursery available for children age 4 and under who may need it.  Sunday worship is just the tip of the iceberg of what Avondale UMC is all about.

Read a message from Pastor Malinda.