Thin Spaces

Dear friends,

It’s been a strange week in our nation … a presidential election unlike any other, anxiety and uncertainty as we await the outcome, concerns about unrest and violence from people who may not be happy with whatever the outcome may be.  Add to all this the fact that the COVID-19 numbers are rising, more individuals and families are suffering from it, and our healthcare workers are stretched to the max.  We’re in this liminal space … this weird “in between” time of waiting and anticipation and worry.  It’s hard not to be anxious.  It’s hard to focus our minds.  It’s hard to find peace within ourselves when there’s so much chaos all around.

Even as I find myself in the midst of so much uncertainty, there are a few things I know without a doubt:

  • The work for justice in our society is more important than ever … the fight for all people to be treated with dignity and respect and as full human beings … the fight for equality for black people, women, LGBTQIA+ folks, people with disabilities, the marginalized, the oppressed … the fight for quality healthcare for everyone … and so much more.
  • We are not alone in the work. God is with us.  Even when it may not feel like it, God is always there with us.  And there are fellow human beings and followers of Jesus Christ who are right there with us, doing the difficult work of advocacy and justice.

This week I’ve been reminded of something the Celtic people call “thin places.”  These are places where the veil is lifted between our physical world and the eternal realm.  They’re places where earth and heaven meet … places where it feels like you’ve been in the presence of God.  In recent days, I’ve been focusing my mind on our November worship and stewardship theme to Choose Gratitude.  I’ve been using the daily prompts to reflect on the ways in which God is present in all things and through all things.  I’ll be honest, some days, depending on the comings and goings of my day, it’s been easier to Choose Gratitude than others.  But I think that’s to be expected.  Life isn’t always going to be sunshine and roses.  Yet some days, I’ve found myself in “thin places”, feeling as though I’m connected to God even in the midst of the anxiety and tension that’s all around me.  In those moments, the gratitude I feel overwhelms me in a good and much-needed way.  I pray many of you have also been doing the work this week to Choose Gratitude and that it has been beneficial for your heart and mind.  If you haven’t, it’s not too late to start.  Click here for daily prompts to get you thinking about gratitude.

My prayer for all of us is that we find a deep and abiding peace in the midst of this storm as we seek to follow God and shine the light of Christ into our dark and troubled world.  For we know that when we do, the darkness can never overcome it.

Living in Hope,

Rev. Malinda Weaver

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