Garden Refresh

Dear friends,

The Great Garden Refresh of 2021 is underway on our street corner, and it’s looking quite lovely.  Several folks had been talking for a few years about needing to replace some plants in the beds that had long since seen better years and were starting to wane.  Plus, we’d been wanting more green space for things like picnics and children’s outdoor activities.  And then who knew we’d worship on the lawn because of a pandemic and find that we needed more green space as well as a more intentional, aesthetic barrier to help keep our children contained on the lawn rather than the plastic fencing we used temporarily to keep them safe?  To see what’s been done thus far, check out the pictures below.

If you’re wondering how the garden came to be … The Connie Whitehead Memorial Garden was designed and dedicated 25 years ago in February 1994.  Mrs. Whitehead and her husband Claude (a retired United Methodist pastor) loved Avondale UMC.  Connie’s Garden has served the church and community well as a place of beauty and solace.  The refresh and reconfiguration of the garden beds will allow this to continue for many more years to come.  We can’t wait for the next chapter of this garden’s life as we celebrate Mrs. Whitehead’s legacy and re-dedicate this garden in coming weeks to her along with two other faithful saints who loved this church and garden, too.  Stay tuned.


Rev. Malinda Weaver

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