Capital Improvements Update

We’re excited to be headed back into the sanctuary this weekend for worship.  The new HVAC is working beautifully to cool the space.  Although cooling and heating don’t offer anything visually appealing to the space, you’ll definitely feel the difference.  The visual change is that the old radiators have been removed from around the sanctuary and the walls where they were have been repaired and painted.


In addition, work began this past week on the life safety updates to all our doors and exits around the church.  In coming weeks, you’ll see new push bars being installed to make it easier and safer to exit our building in case of emergency.  The major thing you’ll notice are the repairs being done to restore our historic doors that run along the 40th Street side of our building.  The doors that exit from the fellowship hall, foyer, and narthex will all be repaired and restored one by one as life safety hardware is added to them.  If you want to see what these doors will look like when complete, check out the exterior door on the north side of the sanctuary that exits onto our lawn and into our beautiful garden.  That door has already been painted to give us a visual of what the others will look like.

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